Let's Comedy! is working hard to put on quality comedy shows based out of Indiana! We're excited to be a part of evolving comedy scenes in Fort Wayne, Indy, Detroit, Cincy and throughout the Midwest. Our aim has always been to help build thriving comedy communities in the areas we love. With help from hilariously talented friends locally, regionally, and nationally we've been able to facilitate this goal through various avenues. We put on open mics where working comedians and newbies alike test out their material to neighborhood audiences. We also assist with all types of charity and local biz\corporate events.  We like to party, and we'd like to host your party! Look buddy, we're just gonna be straight with you here-- if you have an event that needs some funny we're the ones who can bring it.

In these first few years alone we've hosted some of our favorite performers: Jamie Loftus, Andy Kindler, Sasheer Zamata, Brian Posehn, Jen Kirkman, Bobcat Goldthwait, Cameron Esposito, Wyatt Cenac, Doug Benson, Kyle Kinane, Rhea Butcher, Hannibal Buress, Beth Stelling, Emily Heller, Doug Stanhope, Corn Mo, Birdcloud, Open Mike Eagle, Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna's "The Adventures of Danny and Mike Podcast LIVE", Ever Mainard, Tony Hinchcliffe and The Kill Tony Podcast, Brian Redban, Megan Gailey, Eliza Skinner, The Lemons, Matt Braunger, Alex Cameron, The Emotron, Ronny Chieng, Dulcé Sloan, Jessica Michelle Singleton, Geoff Tate, Reformed Whores, Felonious Monk, Dana Moon, Lisa Curry, Myq Kaplan, Rob Jenkins, Stewart Huff, WWE legends Mick Foley, RVD, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Todd Barry, Jimmy Whispers, Jeff Dauler, Aaron Kleiber, The Puterbaugh Sisters, Goodrich Gevaart, Today’s Hits, Ryan Singer, The Hard Times LIVE, Late Late Breakfast, Sarah Squirm & HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE, Namey McDroppy and many, many more.

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